Ceramic Coaster Sets Workshop

Participants will make various coaster set forms using slabs of clay, tile cutters of various sizes and shapes, and cookie cutters.  A variety of stamps and organic objects can be used to create texture to accent the objects made.  Participants are welcome to bring any texturing object or personal stamps to the class as well. Each participant will create personalized coaster sets by learning an efficient and effective way to make uniform ceramic coasters without difficulty.
Size: Minimum 4, Maximum 12
Instructor: Lisa A. Botti 
Lisa A. Botti originally comes from Mass. She has been in Montana for the past 29 years.  Her formal education is in medical social work. She was educated at Boston University for both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.  Her artistic life started when her children were young and she developed her own art form by painting on sun-bleached bones she found on hers and other peoples ranches.  She went on to make ostrich egg rattles using antlers for handles and semi-precious stones to accent the rattles. She incorporated various organic items to represent air, earth, fire and water to balance these elements in her creations.  From there, she branched out and decided to audit art classes at the then University of Great Falls in 2003.  She learned painting techniques from Julia Becker and pottery from Judy Ericksen.  From that time on she decided that pottery was her passion and has not look back since!  She started her own business called Whispering Creek Pottery LLC and has been making custom work for businesses around Great Falls.  she has become known as The Mug Lady due to her making mugs for many area businesses.  Her mug journey started out with Faster Basset, Amy’s Morning Perk, Morning Light Coffee, Celtic Cowboy and private orders. Currently, she makes custom mugs for Al Banco, Dragonfly Dry Goods and beer steins for Sip N Dip. In addition to her busy pottery business, Lisa also co-owns and manages a small certified organic cattle ranch in the foothills of the Little Belt Mountains. She has 5 young adult children- 4 in and around Montana with one in Florida and one grandchild in Great Falls.


Jun 24 2023


11:00 am - 2:00 pm




The Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art
1400 1st Ave N, Great Falls, MT
Opening Hour
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The Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art


The Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art
The Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art
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