Golden Eagles, Wolverine, and Lynx: Non-invasive methods of monitoring Montana’s rare and elusive carnivores.

Do you want to gain inside knowledge of the secretive world of golden eagles, lynx and wolverines? Join the Upper Missouri Breaks Audubon, Great Falls Montana‘s presentation of dedicated researchers Kalon Baughan and Bret Davis on Monday, November 13 at 7 pm at the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Region 4 headquarters building at 4600 Giant Springs Road. This fascinating glimpse into these wildlife species is free of charge and open to the public!

Kalon is a talented artist and photographer ( who brings his keen observation skills and photographic talent to the project. And Bret is a research scientist at a physics lab in Bozeman who has spent well over a decade perfecting non-invasive techniques to study wildlife as far north as Alaska.
This talented team will explain their novel methods they use to identify and monitor individual wolverine and lynx, as well as stories behind their years in the field. With four years of study, so far, within the Continental Divide ecosystem in Central Montana, they’ll offer a unique vision of these animals which few witness, plus will share their subject’s natural life histories through camera trap photographs (both with traditional game cameras and professional DSLR equipment), as well as their perspectives on current issues in conservation and preservation of Montana’s wild ecosystems. It’s a rare treat to listen to their first hand accounts and learn what’s next in their adventures.


Nov 13 2023


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm




Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Region 4 HQ


Upper Missouri Breaks Audubon Society
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